A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Light Has Dawned!   


Do not temper Charity  

The core of your Flame of Love  

is replenished always beyond the measure of the gift!  

The oil of gladness that ignites and sustains the Flame is limitless,    

 so in perfect abandonment be joyful and love!   

Let your light shine!  

Let your Flame of Love Burn brightly!   

Let souls be touched by the heart of grace.  

It is Mary’s Flame of Love!  

Reveal the Light of Christ,  

so that the darkness may fall.  



 Matthew 4:16 (RSV)

"The people who sat in darkness  
have seen a great light,   
and for those who sat in the region 

 and shadow of death  
light has dawned.”


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