A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Walk the Talk!


Know you remnant that when your mind is distracted  

or focused on evil and the acts of malice and evil,  

You are being robbed of grace!  

Peace and chaos cannot coexist!  

You are being drawn to one or the other!  

“And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, 

 will draw all things to myself."    

John 12:32 (DR)  

Live in the love and peace of Christ!  

Be fearless and relentless only in this pursuit!  

The Holy Spirit,   

the very soul of your soul exits 

 in the peaceful temple of a peaceful heart 

 that can only exist in Christ!  

Stay United in Christ!  

Lift each other in Spirit.  

The evil one is relentless in attempting to drag you into the realm of chaos!  

Seek peace always!  

The peace that can only come from Christ!  

Our Lord desires your heart to permeate in Union and harmony with his!  

Our Lord Speaks:

“May Our hearts beat in unison”  

“May our souls be in harmony”  

Repeat this prayer relentlessly,  

and live in the fullness of its meaning!  

Peace in heart and soul will be your litmus test!  

Love and union with the remnant will be your companionship.  

Perfect prayer United with me will be your daily offering.  

“May Our lips pray together to gain mercy from the Eternal Father”  



Psalm 85:11-16

“Conduct me, O Lord, in thy way, 

and I will walk in thy truth: 

 let my heart rejoice that it may fear thy name.   

I will praise thee, O Lord my God, 

with my whole heart, 

and I will glorify thy name for ever:   

For thy mercy is great towards me: 

 and thou hast delivered my soul out of the lower hell. 

 O God, the wicked are risen up against me, 

 and the assembly of the mighty have sought my soul: 

 and they have not set thee before their eyes. 

And thou, O Lord, art a God of compassion, 

 and merciful, patient, and of much mercy, and true. 

 O look upon me, and have mercy on me: 

 give thy command to thy servant,   

and save the son of thy handmaid.”


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