A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Stay On Point!    


Where are you when you are not present to yourself?  

You are somewhere else!  

Are you gawking stalking or accusing?  

Are you judging?  

Stay on point!  

Seek God always and give glory to God in all things.  

Live in the eternal now!  

With Christ ever present with you!  

Speak to the Lord.  

Seek Him!  

Be ever present in Christ and ask for the gift of Divine Grace for him to be ever present in you!  

The inspirations of the Holy Spirit can only come when the mind is quieted, 

 and there is peace in your heart!  

When you cling to the horror like honey, it can only instill fear!  

Fear is a sin!   

Give thanks to God and cling to the precious present,     

with Christ next to you, in you, and around you!

Fear nothing.  





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