A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Strong Love  


The strength of love,  

Is a boundless energy!     

A boundless inertia,  

That fills the soul,  

With quiet resolve,    

With honest and sincere commitment,   

With our feet firmly planted,  

And our eyes purely focused  

With humility, truth and love in all that we speak  

And the silence of solitude is ever present to hear God’s voice.  

We work out our salvation with fear and trembling!    

We seek perfect intention to be perfect love  

Unyielding in desire to be infused with the Sacred Heart of Our Lord and Our Lady  

Whose love has no bounds  

And who gives us the grace and the strength to endure  

The power of docility and the humility of blind obedience   

The power to trust and obey the Will of God  

Humility and Love seeks always the greater good  

Humility and love knows always the greater good  

Humility and love desires always the greater good  

Humility and love are the raw courage to submit fully to the Will of the Father  

To make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good  

To pick up our cross daily and follow Christ our King  

The Power of Love in our FIAT  

Your will not mine be done!  

Fiat Volentas Tua- Yes, your Will be done!  

ETA SIT - So be it!  

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