A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

The Seal of Salvation!  


The Salvation of souls was sealed when Christ was nailed to the cross!  

Sinlessness was securely fastened to that cross to free us from self inflicted wounds and oppression!  

We must respond to this ultimate act of grace!  

Your very soul is at stake and eternal bliss or torment is the consequence of your response!  

Jesus is lifted up on the cross now suspended between heaven earth, 

 in an act of perfect charity to draw all unto himself,   

But You Must Choose! 

Choose Life!  

Choose Love!  

Repent and hear the good news!

The Kingdom of God is at hand!

The hands of Christ nailed to the Cross as ransom for many!

Your redemption awaits and it came at a great price!  

Choose Life!  

Choose Love!  



Sirach 50:12-29 (DR)  

“As an olive tree budding forth, and a cypress tree rearing itself on high, when he put on the robe of glory, and was clothed with the perfection of power.   

When he went up to the holy altar, he honoured the vesture of holiness. 

 And when he took the portions out of the hands of the priests, he himself stood by the altar.   

And about him was the ring of his brethren: and as the cedar planted in mount Libanus, And as branches of palm trees, they stood round about him, and all the sons of Aaron in their glory. 

 And the oblation of the Lord was in their hands, before all the congregation of Israel: and finishing his service, on the altar, to honour the offering of the most high King, He stretched forth his hand to make a libation, and offered of the blood of the grape. 

 He poured out at the foot of the altar a divine odour to the most high Prince. 

Then the sons of Aaron shouted, they sounded with beaten trumpets, and made a great noise to be heard for a remembrance before God. 

Then all the people together made haste, and fell down to the earth upon their faces, to adore the Lord their God, and to pray to the Almighty God the most High. 

 And the singers lifted up their voices, and in the great house the sound of sweet melody was increased. 

 And the people in prayer besought the Lord the most High, until the worship of the Lord was perfected, and they had finished their office. 

 Then coming down, he lifted up his hands over all the congregation of the children of Israel, to give glory to God with his lips, and to glory in his name: 

 And he repeated his prayer, willing to shew the power of God. 

 And now pray ye to the God of all, who hath done great things in all the earth, who hath increased our days from our mother's womb, and hath done with us according to his mercy.”





“Holy Father, here I am, burdened, with the sins of the whole world. 

 Every sin weighs on Me. 

 No longer pour out the chastisement of your Divine Justice upon men, but upon Me your Son.

O Father, permit me to bind all souls to this cross. 

Let Me plead forgiveness for them with the voices of my blood and of my wounds. 

O Father, do you not see how crushed I am? 

By this Cross and by these pains, grant true conversion, peace, pardon, and sanctity to everyone.”

Page 157 of book- Hours of the Passion













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