A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Simple and Sincere  


Ita sit  - So be it!  

Be simple and sincere!  

Glorify God with a peaceful and joyful heart  

Love is a simple appreciation and acknowledgment of the glory of God in all things  

All creatures adhere and conform to the creator in simplicity and love.  

God Will provide   

God will preserve   

God will protect  

Truth and Trust  

Simple and sincere  

Give praise therefore and be fused into the glory of God in all things  

In all creatures  

In all creation  

In each other!  

Witness and celebrate the purity and innocence   

in every creature,   

In every soul.  

It is the light of Christ revealed!  

Simple and sincere acknowledgement that,  

We are children of God.  

And he loves us with a Divine Love!  

So much that he left a deposit of faith in each one of us.  

Let this candle burn in us  

Seek it in all things  

Fuel the  flame    

Give glory to God in all things,  

Simple and sincere  

Purity and Innocence   

Unite now in the Divine Love of the Father  



Romans 12:9 (RSV)  

"Let love be genuine; hate what is evil, hold fast to what is good;"


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