A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Unfathomable and Divine  


If the world just understood the power of the cross and what Our Lord did for humanity!

If we just appreciated the magnitude of his passion, death, and resurrection and what was gained for us in that selfless act of love, courage, and humility,,, if we could fathom what obedience, respect, and surrender to the Father’s will really means!

This ultimate act of piety, and self sacrifice!
This is the self giving love of our faith!

This is the depth of the Fathers love, to give your only beloved, subject him to horror, humiliation, torture and death, so that all could be children of God!

If we could grasp what it takes for a God, the God of all creation to recreate himself in the form of a slave, born in a barn among the animals, and the spiritual poverty it takes to allow yourself that level of humility and simplicity!
If we can fathom for a moment, one who can raise the dead, walk on water, and calm the wind and the seas to bend and wash the feet of his servants!
Contemplate this now, and then contemplate the sheer magnitude and the power given to us in the Eucharistic food of the Gods, the power and the spiritual strength given to us each time we humbly and in a state of grace receive the fullness of Christ our King!
Readily and worthily receive the sum and substance of our God in this Eucharistic act!

Know that Christ Our King is coursing through our veins!

With love and humility take solace in the simple fact that your are royalty and your kingdom is not of this world!

Love this world but live for the next!
Now recite very slowly, the Lord’s Prayer and live your faith!
Our Father,,,

Live each day in joy and in exaltation!

Whatever you are called to and with whatever this life brings you!
Be it joy or suffering, offer it up in sincerity and love to our God!
With humility, obedience and respect give to God what is God’s!
Honor your Father and your Mother!
Our Lady too, deserves our respect, our love, and our prayers!
Do not underestimate the power of the rosary!

It is rooted in humility and piety, with the strength to bind Satan!

Each Hail Mary is a blow to the demons head and deafening to their ears!

It’s power is in it’s meekness!

It is the greatest weapon against the Spirit of Pride, which is Satan!

Isaia 39:1-8​


1 Peter 2:1-10

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