A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Garden of Grace! 



Free Will has no honor or glory, unless and until it surrenders itself to 

the fullness and the merit of God’s Divine Will. 

Love is complete and life is abundant in the completeness of surrender, humility, and docility! 

These are the essential traits to complete the fullness of the divine in this divine mystery! 


The difference between a single rose and a rose bush full of beautiful roses is how much the seed was nourished by the soul, how much it receives the fullness of the sun and the rain, 

and outgrows the weeds and the thicket, 

and by how much the vine dresser was able to prune and trim and to bring nutrients into the soil, 

to strengthen the stalk and deepen the roots! 

The rose must reach always for the sun, open its leaves to the living waters of the rain, 

burrow deep to strengthen the root, 

and allow the pains of pruning by the vine dresser, so as to outgrow the weeds, 

withstand the torrential winds and storms that threaten to destroy it. 

and manifest the fullness of it beauty and spread the seeds of of a luxurious rose garden! 


“but earnestly desire the higher gifts. And I will show you a still more excellent way.”  

1 Corinthians 12:31 (DR) 


Adide in the over abundance of a graced life. 

We become the co-creators of the family of Gods Kingdom.  

Through the flame of Love,

and The Spirit of the Holy Family. 

Christ in us by our baptism, 

Carried out to the world! 

Abundant graces!

Baptized in blessings!  

Created Creatures transformed into the children of God,   

by our baptism, the fruit of God’s passion. 

We are created in the Image of God,

and re-created in the Imitation of Christ. 

God our creator, Christ our redeemer! 


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