A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Union and Communion! 



We surrender to the Divine Will of the Father.  

And in so doing, regain dominion in union with God’s Divine Will

over the physical realms. 

We rip them and exorcise them from the stronghold of the demons and we hand them over to the King as sacred and Holy created creatures of God.

We seek union and communion in the Spiritual Realms in Harmony with the Divine Will of the Father and with all his created creatures that serve the Godhead and his humanity and his divinity.  

We seek union and communion with all the created souls who serve and honor, love and adore our Triune God!  

We unite with all souls past, present, and souls yet to be created, so that we become spiritual oneness with our creator, and glorify, praise, and honor Our Triune God! 

We seek union and communion with Our Savior and our Creator who with Divine love,  

surrendered all and gave all for Our Salvation! 

We seek union and communion in the Eucharistic sacrifice on the altar to the glory and honor of God the Father who loved so much as to give us his only son! 

We seek union and communion with Christ on the Cross who demonstrated beyond any doubt victory over death and sin!  

Christ on the Cross who overcame the flesh, the devil, and the world! 

We seek union and communion with the Coming Kingdom, on earth as it is in Heaven! 

The defiant is defeated through the unity of the Holy Spirit, One God, forever and ever! 



Esther 16:1-24

A Copy of the King’s Letter 16:1-9

“The great king Artaxerxes, from India to Ethiopia, to the governors and princes of a hundred and twenty-seven provinces, which obey our command, sendeth greeting.  

Many have abused unto pride the goodness of princes, and the honour that hath been bestowed upon them: And not only endeavour to oppress the king's subjects, but not bearing the glory that is given them, take in hand, to practise also against them that gave it.  

Neither are they content not to return thanks for benefits received, and to violate in themselves the laws of humanity, but they think they can also escape the justice of God who seeth all things.  

And they break out into so great madness, as to endeavour to undermine by lies such as observe diligently the offices committed to them, and do all things in such manner as to be worthy of all men's praise, While with crafty fraud they deceive the ears of princes that are well meaning, and judge of others by their own nature.  

Now this is proved both from ancient histories, and by the things which are done daily, how the good designs of kings are depraved by the evil suggestions of certain men.  

Wherefore we must provide for the peace of all provinces.  

Neither must you think, if we command different things, that it cometh of the levity of our mind, but that we give sentence according to the quality and necessity of times, as the profit of the commonwealth requireth.”

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