A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Justice Will Be Served! 


Justice will be served! 

You will receive as a priceless morsel of grace sweet to the taste and holy and pure in its receipt, 

Or a bitter pill, a taste so foul, it will be as vomit in your mouth. 

Justice will be served! 

Prepare your soul for sanctity! 

Your time is short! 

Prepare to taste grace in a manner according to your own doing! 

A grace graciously received or horribly endured.  

Justice will be served! 

Awaken now and seek mercy and repentance in the sacramental grace of confession!  

Justice will be served! 


The Book of Abdia 1:15-16(DR)

Judgement Upon the Nations

“For the day of the Lord is at hand upon all nations: as thou hast done, so shall it be done to thee: he will turn thy reward upon thy own head.

For as you have drunk upon my holy mountain, so all nations shall drink continually: and they shall drink, and sup up, and they shall be as though they were not.”


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