A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Seek The Bond Beyond 


Seek the bond beyond!   

A Holy and Spiritual bond! 

A filial bond of love.  

A Union in the Spirit of Family.  

The 3 Hearts of the Holy Family,    

with the Holy Spirit ever present there. 

A spiritual oneness, 

Rooted in love and filled with grace, 

A plenitude of gratitude and blessings,  

Where God the Father is honored and glorified!  

And the Divine Love of the Triune God is in harmony with the souls of the just. 

Where the Divine Will is sought with docility and meekness,  

And the supernatural authority is honored in humility and righteousness.  

Where truth is laid bare and all embellish it with love, 

Where the Power and the glory of God is honored with joy and Serenity,

Where Love Manifests in unity and divinity,  

A spiritual union of God’s Divine Love! 

May our hearts beat in unison 

May our souls be in harmony 

May our thoughts be as one 

May our ears listen to the silence together 

And May our lips pray together to gain mercy the Eternal Father! 

The Spiritual Filial Bond Beyond!  

Beyond death, 

Beyond the world, the flesh and the devil!  

Truth and love, glory and honor through Divine Love in the Divine Will.  

Spiritual Union in Divine Love ever present in the Heavenly realms, 

Becoming Manifest on earth as it is in heaven! 

Spiritual Oneness in union and harmony with Our Triune God! 

The bond beyond! 

Let this truth, now, set you free! 


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