A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

See The Extraordinary! 

Our Lady Speaks:


Our Lady Speaks

"See the extraordinary in all things! 

The Father created all things in their magnificence so that we might love and glorify him in all his created creatures. 

Seek God now in the beauty of nature, in the change of the season and the manifestation of his glorious created creatures! 

Nature helps us reflect always that no idol can ever create or accomplish what God who created the universe and every object in it can do! 

Glorify God by his creation and recognize he has no rival, not even close, in his creation, in his beauty and in his majesty! 

Recognize the Beauty and Splendor of God in every soul you encounter!  

Glorify God by seeking the beauty and light and the reflection of God’s own image in every soul you meet! 

Love God with all your heart and soul and love your neighbor as yourself! 

God is magnificent and omnipotent in his love for humanity and he reveals it in the splendor of every one of his created creatures! 

But our darkened and disordered minds and tarnished souls have blinded us to God’s Splendor, and his deep and profound love which is reflected in every created creature and in every soul created by God! 

Our hearts are hardened and far from the Father’s love which he longs to give those who seek his grace!  

We have lost the Blessed and the beautiful that God pours out as a reflection of his perfection and to assist us in unifying ourselves to him and to our neighbor! 

Ask God now for the grace to love him more fully and to know him more intimately and to unite ever more closely to him, even in suffering! 

Ask for God to pour his grace upon us and our families and seek always the Face of Christ which has no parallel and at which his enemies scatter! 

Reflect often through prayer and adoration the greatness and the glory by which the Love and the Glory of God was revealed through the incarnation and the passion, death and resurrection of his most beloved son! 

Reflect often through prayer what price was obediently paid to conquer death and open the door to salvation!

As you gaze now upon the beauty and splendor of the changing seasons, and all God’s grandeur in his created creatures, know the depth of the love of God, the breadth and width of his magnificence, which can never be touched by any other created creature or idol we create!

Know the depth and breadth of the love required for a Father to send his only son, for the creator to become manifest in his own created creature, and then offer all, in perfect charity, so that our souls have the opportunity to reach a heavenly destiny for all of eternity!

Humbly and sincerely try to grasp the magnitude of God’s unfathomable Divine Love!

Spend time to reflect with your eyes and ponder in your heart, the magnitude of God’s love and the mercy and grace he pours out to those who seek to be called children of God!


Psalm 104:1-4

Bless the Lord, O my soul! 

O Lord my God, You are very great; 

You are clothed with splendor and majesty, 

Covering Yourself with light as with a cloak, 

Stretching out heaven like a tent curtain. 

He lays the beams of His upper chambers in the waters; 

He makes the clouds His chariot; 

He walks upon the wings of the wind; 

He makes the winds His messengers, 

Flaming fire His ministers.

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