A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Waters of the Rivulet 


Waters of the Rivulet 

Draw water from the rivulet 

Strike the rock to circumvent 

That God is God and we are human 

We live the life of a catechumen

The Spirit Reigns, the river flows 

We live, we die and so it goes 

From time to time 

Till time stands still 

Eternal Now Eternal will 

To come to God at the Will of the Father 

To unite in love which has no borders 

Life freely given to his Godly order 

Freedom flies over hero’s graves 

So many died for the lives they saved 

Nations built on martyrs blood 

My cup over flows from the rivers flood 

I’d die for you to protect your tomorrow 

We will know love, we will know sorrow  

Time moves on it can’t stand still 

We know not the hour but we have free will 

To cherish the life and the joy that it brings 

To savor the hugs and the songs that we sing 

It’s under one God that we love one another 

We live out our lives loving sister and brother 

We know the joy of the family bond 

We cherish the memories of which we are fond 

When love is near love is here to stay 

It’s the love that we keep when we give it away

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