A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

The World Has Seen A Great Light! 



Mark 10:18 

“Why do you call me good! No one is good but God Alone!”   




Our Lord Speaks: 

“There is room for everyone to grow!  

Remember my words to my Apostles “Get there before me if you can! 

Run the race and run it well! We all stand victorious who finish the race, and yes, get there before me if you can! 

I stand here now before my friends! 

I call you friends, no longer slaves or bondsmen but friends! 

Stand United!

Stand in Truth! 

Stand with me! 

For I am with you till the end of the age! 

Humility and exaltation stand United and victorious! 

I entered the world in humility and in the pitch of darkness! 

The world has seen a great light! 

Darkness has again come upon the earth, but now the new dawn of the Era of peace is about to begin!

The reign of peace begins now in the hearts of my faithful ones!

Peace be with you, my Peace I give unto you!

You who have kept your lamps well oiled and await me!

Know then, the groom is coming!  Be the herald of this great news of the coming of your King and of the wedding banquet!

Make ready the day, the great day of  the Lord!

You are the dawn of the new ERA, the first fruits of my return in Glory!

I will claim my Kingdom and none shall take it from me!

Stand with me both glorious and victorious you Apostles of Light!

Stand in the refuge of the Immaculate Heart of your Queen and openly declare the glory of God!

Be the visible signs of my presence!

Stand United in the glory of God, you remnant who will shed the light of salvation to the souls of all those who seek grace!

Speak to the hearts of those seeking God’s grace!

Carry on with my final command of my great commission!

Announce the good news!

Cast out evil and darkness in my Name!

Heal the sick and the wounded!

Be the visible signs of my presence!

You have found favor with God!

You were chosen among the souls of the ages for a time such as this!

Shout down the Apostasy of the church!

Show the world the merit of perfect charity!

Be docile instruments of God’s Grace!

Be the beacons of light of the return to purity and Innocence in a corrupt and impure world disordered by sin and oppression!

Be the heart and the heel of the Virgin Queen! It is purity and innocence that will crush the demons head!

Be the heart and the heel of Mary!

Seek purity and innocence within you and seek it in the souls of all you meet! 

It is my light and my Flame of Love revealed! Free the souls to receive the purity of God’s luminous light and his grace!

Prepare the way!

My time has arrived!”


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