A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

The Kingdom and the Cross!  


There is no Kingdom without the Cross!  

Seek first, Christ on Calvary.  

Contemplate and carry the Cross.  

Perfect Charity knows Christ perfectly,  

In the tree of the Cross!  

A new life in the Spirit, 

In harmony with Jesus,  

Must ascend through self sacrificing love!   

The purification and sanctification of the soul.  

Must acknowledge the wounds of love!  

To manifest in the Divinity of love.  

The worldly passions can never fully acknowledge this.  

Heart, Mind, Soul, and Spirit must ascend beyond the body.  

Divine love reveals the weakness of the world.  

The shallowness of the passions and desires of the world and the body.  

We must become the spiritual body of Christ Crucified.  

To become the spiritual body of Christ Resurrected.  

A spiritual oneness in the Divine love of Christ.  

God’s Kingdom revealed,  

On Earth as it is in Heaven!  


1 Corinthians 1:18 (DR)  

 For the word of the cross, to them indeed that perish, is foolishness;

but to them that are saved, that is, to us,

it is the power of God.


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