A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Deserted Children   

When Our Lord in his passion heard the wailing women of Jerusalem and responded “pray not for me, pray and weep for yourselves and for your children,” it is for this moment and time our Lord made reference, when children are born into a spiritual desert and minds are corrupted, and souls laid baron and empty, devoid of God and his teaching!  

Woe to you who try to sew into the hearts of children, contempt for the Virgin!  

Luke 23:26-31
“And as they led him away, they laid hold of one Simon of Cyrene, coming from the country; and they laid the cross on him to carry after Jesus. And there followed him a great multitude of people and of women, who bewailed and lamented him. But Jesus turning to them, said: Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not over me; but weep for yourselves and for your children. For behold, the days shall come, wherein they will say: Blessed are the barren and the wombs that have not borne and the paps that have not given suck. Then shall they begin to say to the mountains: Fall upon us. And to the hills: Cover us. For if in the green wood they do these things, what shall be done in the dry!”(Luke 23:26-31, DR)

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