A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Just Be!  

And Know That I am God!

6/28/22  ​

Just be.   
Sit in the solace of your soul.  
Empty yourself.  
So that you may fill yourself.  
Let go of all that holds you down.  
Tomorrow will bring tomorrow’s joy or tomorrow’s suffering according to the Divine Will.  
You are not present when your thoughts are not "in" the present.  
Just be.  
Live in the eternal now!  
And align with the Heavenly realms and with me in my Eucharistic presence before you.  
I am with you until the end of the age.  
Be present in me and I in you.  
May our souls be in harmony!  
Let go and take solace in this serenity.  
I seek reverence!  
I give you my peace.  
May our thoughts be as one!  
I seek unity!  
May our hearts beat in unison.  
May our souls be in harmony.  
Anxiety has no place here.  
Sorrow has no place here.  
Do not despair!  
May our feet journey together.  
Give all your sorrows to me.  
May our ears listen to the silence together.  
Just Be.  
And know that I am God.  


Unity Prayer

May Our Feet Journey Together

May Our Hands Gather In Unity

May Our Hearts Beat In Unison

May Our Souls Be in Harmony

May Our Thoughts Be As One

May Our Ears Listen To The Silence Together

May Our Glances Profoundly Penetrate Each Other

May Our Lips Pray Together Too Gain Mercy From The Eternal Father, Amen



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