A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Know My Agony  



Our Lord Speaks:  

Know my agony.   
Retrofit yourselves into my passion.  
It is the church that suffers this fate now. . 
All source of scrutiny and blasphemous ridicule that is uncharacteristic of the true faith is being hurled at me.  
There is no honor in this ungrateful generation.  
Carry your cross with me 


All glory awaits those who suffer in the silence of truth  

Your time is now  
See my arms extended on the cross to draw all unto myself  
And as I am lifted up all will know me  
All Will come before me  
Yet not all will follow me  
Stand with me  
Your light touches hearts  
A new and glorious generation is in the making  
Be the strong seeds of this new generation of light and love  
Be the first fruits of my coming kingdom  
Darkness will be overcome by purity and light  

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