A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus



  St Joseph, Teach me as you did the child Jesus.    

Help me to learn the faith and the supernatural graces. 

Show me the love of the Father through your humble yet strong actions. 

Help me to understand that our faith is best carried out in our actions,not by words, which can be confused and confounded, twisted, and misinterpreted. 


St Joseph Speaks

"Humility and Meekness are learned traits. 

It starts with reverence, and good habits, and deep love for the Father, 

And it ends with reverence, and good habits, and deep love for the Father! 

Prayerful listening, requires prayerful silence. 

The Father speaks to us in a whisper. 

I surrendered completely in meek and silent prayer,

So that the Father could teach his son through the surrogate! 

A created creature can never fathom the Wisdom and Will of the Father,

without the surrender of the free will and the docility to become an instrument of God’s grace. 

Obedience and reverence are rewarded. 

Knowing the fullness of ones true vocation required docility. 

My prayer, was to love Jesus, and give to Jesus the Father’s love through my humble words and actions, so that he received the fullness of the graces God alone could give him. 

We both learned."​

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