A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Spirit, Soul, and Body  

The Trinitarian Man  


There is a tripartite nature of men of:  
A Trinitarian temple for the honor and the glory of God created in his image.  
All must be sanctified and preserved but the temporal body must be purgated in the realm of time or in the realm of purgatory!  
The body is sanctified by acts of free Will to mortify the body of its attachment to the world, the flesh, and the devil, or by the trial of fire and purgation! This is the mystery of God which is referenced in Apocalypse 10!

Justice and Mercy are acts of Purgation and justice and mercy can also occur from acts of reparation! The Holy Face devotion, therefore, is a form of exorcism like no other, as it makes reverence to the sufferings and purgation of sin by way of the passion of Our Lord. 

 By meditation and intercessory reflection and prayerful use of our Spirit and the Soul to visualize through the interior, the suffering of Jesus, to take away the sins of the world! 

 We mortify the soul and the spirit, in the way that Mary did as she witnessed the torture and suffering and crucifixion of her dearly beloved!  
The pierced heart of Mary!

The eyes which are the corridor to the soul, witnessed and magnified by her soul, which “magnifies” the Lord, and the efficacy of the sacrifice! 

 When our Lord said, “Father into your hands, I commend my Spirit, the exalting and suffering Spirit of Mary was also lifted up!  
When we unite with the intercessory prayer of the Obedient and humble Queen of Heaven and Earth in reparation and in exaltation of the suffering and purified soul, then the Spirit of God dwells in us and is magnified in us!  
All suffering is sacrificial!
If it is for God, it is sweet incense and honey!
If it is embedded in self pity and self woe, it becomes bitter to the stomach and a form of self torment! 

If your suffer in woe it is smoke and chokes both body and soul!
If it is offered up to God, it is sweet incense, pleasing to God, and thus sanctifies both body and soul!
It is the free Will use of your spirit that determines whether this sacrificial suffering is self afflicting torment or redemptive suffering and sanctification!

When the Trinitarian man was wounded by the disobedient act of Eve, Time was created as an exile for the body till it’s ultimate return to paradise!
The love of God, was so great he recreated a Trinitarian act in repartition for the wounded soul and the hindered spirit by the hypostatic union of divinity and humanity created through the incarnation! 

 When divinity became humanity in the incarnation the temple was rebuilt in the living body and blood of Jesus and Mary! 

 A holy unity of Spirit and Body! 

 The God man unites with the Holy Spirit in the Jordan River baptism, then Jesus proceeds to mortify the body for 40 days, and defeats the devil and his 3 temptations! 

 The Holy Spirit United with the Spirit in the God-man!
The final reparation is made in the act of self sacrificing love and obedience to the Father’s Will committed to by Mary at 40 days old and by Christ after 33 yrs!

Mortification becomes spiritual martyrdom for Mary in her suffering soul and pierced heart and the bodily sacrifice and the obedient commendation of his Spirit to the Father on the cross!
Victory over the World, the flesh and the devil is made manifest and death of the body, no longer binds us!
Death no longer separates us!

Spirit, soul and body are reunited beyond the realm of time!
But we must exercise the free Will Spirit through reason and intellect, and unite with the Holy Spirit now our advocate, and we must purify and sanctify the Body and soul with sacrificial acts of self sacrifice and love.

By the Word of God to grow in Wisdom and knowledge, to maintain right ordered reason and intellect, and strengthen and purify the soul in the Eucharistic gift and the sacramental gifts! 

 We must mortify the body, purify the soul and strengthen the Spirit to overcome the world, the flesh, and the devil!



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