A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Peace and Unity  

The message is Peace and Unity  
Freedom to worship!  
Freedom to raise our children on God’s plan not under oppression and mind control.  
The world the flesh and devil are never enough!  
They will always be dragged into “more” and there will never be true satisfaction and there will never be peace.  
We will always be dragged or coerced from our prayers and our peace.  
Especially peace in the family and in marriages.  
We must militate against the forces that disrupt and corrupt peace and harmony within the family.  
Peace that must first come within the heart.  
Peace and fear are enemies!  
Fear and death are bedfellows.  
Peace and courageous love are the overcomers!  
Self sacrificing love and peaceful prayer are the response needed in the heart that opens the door for the peace of Christ, the luminous light of the Father, and the Flame  of  Love of the Holy Spirit to be fully and ever present there!  
Our Hearts and our homes must be a worthy dwelling place of the peace and light and love of the Triune God!  
The Spirit of Family, the Holy Family, emulated with these gifts and graces!  
Reflect for a moment on the birth of Christ! 

 It was darkness, bitter cold and the poorest and meekest conditions!  
It became the first dwelling place of Peace and Love!  
Revealed to shepherds in the field through the celebrating angels and the humility of Mary and Joseph!  
This moment is known as the “fullness of time” when the Redeemer came in innocence and poverty and humility! 

 Salvation came in the silence of the night, in meek and humble circumstances and he brought peace!
Christ is still with us, he has maintained his Eucharistic reign and the King sits in the tabernacle of his Holy Temple, ministered by the princes of his church and these Shepherd’s on a daily basis call down manna from Heaven and he feeds his flock the “essential food of our Spiritual existence!” 
Where is the flock?  
We must 1st come to Christ to be one with Christ, to unite with Christ!
The King bears gifts for the Kingdom so that not one single sheep will be lost!
They are the sacraments that strengthen us, that make certain we do not lose sight of the Shepherd and so we can recognize his voice!
There are imposters, wolves in sheep’s clothing who pine for your attention, who distort your time and attention away from the Shepherd and his voice!
We lose our way!
We lose focus!
We starve our souls!
We slip into a spiritual desert and lose the living waters the soul thirsts for!
Open and reawaken our eyes and ears!
It is in Eucharistic adoration and the daily sacrament of the mass!
It is in the confessional where we unbind ourselves of the strongholds that choke off the graces God longs to give us!
Unbind yourselves and seek God’s grace, and the peace and unity of Christ!

Take solace in the silence of the song
The pause between the notes
Where serenity and Joy are intertwined to become the fullness of God’s grand symphony!
The glorious separation that invites spiritual harmony in the song
When space and time are in harmony and unity
The place where soul and grace unite
You will always find it in the presence of God!
Seek God’s presence in the quiet of prayer, the silence of adoration where God speaks to us in a whisper!
Seek silence and God’s presence in your hearts, in your family!
Stay rooted or you will be swept away by the noise the chaos and the fear, that seeks to hijack your soul and your attention away from God!


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