A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Our Lord Speaks

private Revelation of 3/4/21

Our Lord speaks:
“Joy and misery is what I bring.
All will know me
I call you all to fasting
My faithful ones will exult
Many will suffer
All have opportunity
You cannot contemplate eternity
You must choose where you will spend it
In joy or misery
Your days can be measured
Eternity cannot
I came to bring salvation
But I will not interfere with your own free will
You must choose
How you spend your days will determine your fate
I call you all to prayer
I call you all to repent
I call you all to be love
Tolerance of evil and hate and selfishness and fear will rule in the coming days for those blinded by evil
My faithful will not be broken by the forces that have recently come upon you!
I ask you all to stand in the truth of the faith
know that salvation is at hand but that sin can no longer be tolerated, thus it is joy and misery that I bring
Prepare yourselves
Repent for the kingdom of God is upon you!”​

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