A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Judgement and Justice Awaits  ​


​Judgement and Justice awaits us now! God’s Grace and Mercy will pass only through Judgement and Justice!  
Woe to you who build on power, and intellectual pride!  
You have forgotten your creator and the majesty of Our God!  

You will now be powerless as you experience the Power and the might of the God who created you!  

Of the God who has seen enough of your obstinance and arrogance!  

Enough of Oppression on the innocent and the weak!  

No more!  

You will be shaken and purified through my judgment and my justice!  

You will know by your own experience the eyes of the poor and the weak whom you have tormented! Repent!  

Your judgement awaits!  

Seek an ounce of charity toward those you have tormented and forgiveness from the afflicted ones you have sinned against!  

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