A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Heart to Heart   


Our Lady Speaks:  
"Mental prayer must be prayed with use of the eyes but with keen understanding of the heart!  
Key words are to be embraced so that the heart is engaged and the reason and intellect are stimulated!  
This allows the higher faculties to retain dominance over the lower faculties!  
Imagery allows the memory and emotion to be rightly ordered and to be further engaged to support the upper faculties of reason and intellect and to make a lasting impression in the memory and to crowd out with Godly thoughts and images, those ungodly thoughts, and passions of the lower faculties!  
When we meditate on the Passion with reverence it becomes a most engaging prayer to God in the cosmos, and it brings us ever closer to him because it becomes a prayer of heart to heart!  
It becomes a prayer dominated by love and reverence rather than a prayer of obligation!  
The prayer becomes intimate union rather than a recitation! 

 The relationship with God is brought ever closer, as our creator and as our Father!  

Abba, Daddy, help me through prayer to know and love you more intimately, to trust you more deeply, and to revere you for who you are,,, both Father, and Creator who wishes us to know his deep and intimate love for us, and for us to know and love him intimately in return!
Come back to the Father who knows and loves you!


Mathew 6:

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