A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

The Hour of the Apostles of Light  

​Marian Movement of Priests #161  

 The Hour of the Apostles of Light  

October 13, 1978  

Anniversary of the last apparition at Fatima  

"I am your Immaculate Mother, who am at the side of each one of you, my beloved sons.  

My plan is about to be fulfilled because the triumph of my Immaculate Heart has now come to pass.  

You are being prepared by Me to be the apostles of this time.  

You are therefore the apostles of light in this hour when darkness is enveloping all things.  

Live in the Light.  

Walk in the Light.  

Spread the light which comes from my Immaculate Heart.  

As your heavenly Mother, I have been preparing you for years in silence and leading you by the hand.

Thus, while my Adversary was casting darkness over the Church and reaping victims from among many of her very Pastors, I was preparing secretly, in my Heart, the new Church, all of light.

It is the same Church, but a renewed Church in which the 'glory of the Most Holy Trinity will shine forth resplendently, and in which Jesus will be adored, honored, listened to and followed by all.

Thus the Church will shine gloriously with a great Light such as has never been known since the time of the Cenacle to this very day.

Today you are commemorating my coming down to earth in the humble Cova da Ira, and the miracle of the sun which, prostrate at my feet, so to speak, testified to you that this is my hour, the hour of your Mother clothed in light.

Today I am announcing to you that this is also your hour.

The hour of your witness.

The hour of your public life.

The hour of the apostles of Light.

With vigor and courage, spread everywhere the light of Truth, the light of Grace, the light of Holiness.

It is the light of my Son Jesus, who has shown you the way to reach the Father through perfect docility to the action of his Spirit of Love.

Soon, nothing more will remain of the great darkness which has obscured the Church.

After her great suffering, she will, at last, be ready for her rebirth: the new Church of Light. (...)"





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