A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus


From 5/9/20

Our Lord speaks:

“Anxiety and worry are the result of your sin of fear, where you hold Satans affliction over my gifts, my grace and mercy! 

Why do you not have faith in your prayers and my protection?

Why do you not trust me, and my saving grace?

So much of your day is wasted,,, you are slowly dying when you allow the evil one to take hold of you in this way! 

Many times I have told you and again I tell you now:

“Do not be afraid”,,,,and “Peace be with you, my peace I give to you!”

The peace I give is the Holy Spirit who seeks to dwell in the silence and the peace of your heart!

You cannot worthily receive the Powerful gifts of the Holy Spirit, when fear, and chaos, and anxiety reign in your heart!

My Sacred Heart and my Divine Mercy will not evade you!

TRUST in me, as I instructed my servant Faustina to instruct you! Witness now to the many graces of my Divine Mercy!

Be my very own healing hands to others if you have trust in me and have peace in your heart!

I seek to use you remnant faithful as instruments of my Power, my Mercy, and of my coming return!

Live your life in Faith and Trust, and Love,,, this is life,,, life in the Spirit of Truth!

Anything else is the spirit of death, and sin! 

You cannot trust me and fear sickness at the same time! 

You cannot be both blessing and curse! There should be no fear in those who love me! 

Those who truly love me know I will never abandon them!

My living Flames of Love will burn brightly when darkness overcomes the world, and I will never abandon them!

No evil will prevail against them! 

Be the beacon of my justice and my mercy which is my Holy Face and my Sacred Heart which is there for all who love me!”


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