A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Final Word of Warning.  

St Michael Speaks:  

St Gabriel Speaks:  


St Michael Speaks:  

"The sword pierces and severs the body and it’s members.  

The sword of truth pierces the heart when the word is thrust at its receiver with force and with precision and is deadly! 

The sword severs various members to maime or severely wound an opponent to leave them defeated or disadvantaged. 

The sword of truth that is God’s word can heal and help its receiver by helping them realize wrongful or flawed patterns of thinking or sinful activity by repentance and by metanoia (turning back to God). 

How you wield your sword and its effect on its receiver determines the difference. 

The written word of God’s truth will always have the latter effect! 

The spoken and written word of God’s truth can both wound and heal and often times does both wound, then heal it’s receiver through it’s messages of warning!"  


St Gabriel Speaks:

"Warning messages can become deadly wounds if they are ignored or neglected. 

God’ word always requires a response! 

Warnings require actions of change by reparation or preparation. 

Bitterness is not a fruit of God’s word. 

Resentment is not a fruit of God’s word. 

Unforgiveness is not a fruit of God’s word. 

Gods word requires a response! 

The response can either heal or harm it’s receiver by the response taken. 

The sword of truth in God’s word that pierces the heart is a healing wound but the response required by the receiver can make it deadly! 

God will always honor our free Will! 

God’s word therefore can be a blessing or a curse depending on the response of the receiver! 

A response to God’s word of inaction becomes slow death! 

Ignoring God’s word and his warnings can become extremely difficult to overcome and perhaps even deadly to our souls salvation! 

We must take affirmative action to save ourselves! 

God reaches out and touches us or chastises us always in an effort to save us because he loves us! 

The response therefore can either keep us connected and on the pathway to salvation or it can become a self inflicted wound depending on our response! 

“Repent and hear the good news! The Kingdom of God is at hand!” 

Time is running short in this realm. 

We know not how many tomorrow’s between now and the door to Eternity. 

Take action and take steps to come closer to the God who loves you! 

Your souls salvation or damnation is at stake! 

Consider this a final warning!"



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