A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

His Hand Is Still Outstretched



Isaia 9:-10:4 READ The people who dwell in darkness have seen a great light: upon those who dwelt in gloom a light has shown!

Special note - 9:20 and 10:4 have duplicate language repeated 4 times “For all this, His wrath is not turned back, his hand is still outstretched” (Isaia 9:11, 9:16,9:20, 10:4)


God always has his arms outstretched! We can receive the grace, mercy and forgiveness from the palm of his hand or receive his back hand, his wrath and his punishment which comes from our free will denial or arrogant pride, either way the hand of justice will be received by us !

His outstretched hand points to the light of his truth and then we freely choose to honor it or ignore it, and we either grow from it or be cleansed by the consequences

If we do not want grace, we will not have it; if we do not seek His mercy and grace, we will be increasingly without them. We cannot endure God’s holiness and justice apart from grace and mercy, and so we experience His holiness as wrath. This reveals to us our grave condition.  2/23/19


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