A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Two Pillars at the Temple  


The Two Pillars at the Temple

     Earth and Air  

Fire and Ice  

Wind and Water  

Spirit and Soul  

Heart and Mind  

Matter and Antimatter  

Sun and Rain  

The Door to the Temple is at the center of these realms.  

The Door to your Heart

When Christ reigns in your heart, all

matter in you both physical and spiritual become one with the Trinity

The Spirit of FAMILY

When honored with docility the Spirit of Family becomes the pathway

When Faith and Family are one in Christ Jesus in humility and docility and love,

then we are also one in the Power and Perfection of God!

The heart has always been the doorway to grace!

Hail Mary full of grace!

"And she kept all these things in her heart!"

"And she cherished all these things in her heart!"

The Heart of Mary becomes the doorway, our refuge and our strength

The Spirit of Family is her dwelling place that is the Heart of Mary and the Heart of Jesus in union with our hearts!

The Flame of Love, of the Immaculate Heart and the Sacred Heart are the two pillars, and the Flame of Love is the doorway that opens all hearts in the Holy temple that is the Kingdom of Christ that reigns in our own hearts!

The open and wounded hearts of Our King and his Queen now open wide the doorway that is the Flame of Love into the Eucharistic reign of Peace!

The King of Peace and the Queen of Peace

The hypostatic union of God’s Word and Flesh

Are now Fire and Spirit,

Are now Light and Love

Humanity and Deity

United in fullness through the Flame of Love, which is the doorway to Our Hearts!

This greatest gift since the Incarnation is about to befall humanity

On Earth as it is in Heaven!

The Door way of the Flame of Love will enlighten hearts and illuminate the minds so that souls can be saved!

Ignite now the Flame of Love so that purity and innocence can be revealed and the pathway lit to eternal glory!


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