A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Spiritual Union


Why didn’t God just part the Red Sea on his own?  

Why did he instruct Noah to build an arc?  

God wants to forge obedience without any back talk!  

He wants us to cooperate with grace and to obey despite ridicule and mockery as with Noah.  

He wants us to clearly hear and recognize his voice!  

He wants to unite with us in our head, heart and in our hands!  

He wants the spiritual union and all its miraculous power in our hearts and in our memories!  

He wants us bound to him and bound to each other as the power of communal prayer becomes the power of prayers answered!  

He wants us to constantly look to him, seek him out, and rely on him so that we can overcome, so we may understand, so we may unite in the most intimate and rewarding way!  

He wants surrender, trust, obedience, and love!

This is the Spirit of Family to the Father

The Spirit of docility and perfect charity

Simplicity, humility, meekness and innocence

It is the joy of watching and infant taking their first steps!

It is feeling of victory and inner peace, joy and solace of knowing a choice was made and it was the right choice and the fruits are becoming evident!

It is the marriage covenant!

The full union of the creator with his creation

The consummation of created life and all its beauty and rewards!

It is the return of the King to his Kingdom after his victory over his enemies!

All Will celebrate!

Suffering no more, all tears are wiped away, and the just ones returned to unite with their loved ones!

The marriage covenant consummated!

Until the return, does not the Father deserve the honor, praise and respect?

Does not the King still reign in his own absence?

Should not bride long for and yearn for the bridegroom and pray to the heavens for his quick return?

Does the malevolent attitude of the belligerent ones, make you join with the other just ones in prayerful request for his return and for him to correct and punish the belligerent and the wicked?

Should we not encourage those weak and frail ones to have trust and faith till all will be corrected and righteousness returns to the household? To the kingdom?

Should we not admonish and extract the oppressor by the authority we have been given?

Can we become the healing balm of the wounded from the offender?

Should we not keep the truth in front of those innocent who are being lied to and lead astray?

Let us keep the house clean and the lamps lit so the master will know his faithful servants and reward them on his return!

When justice is given to the just ones and justice is given to the unjust ones!

This is why we pray the Unity prayer

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