A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Light and Refuge  


You Apostles of Light!  
You are light and grace under the mantle of Mary!  
She is your power and protectress!  
You will become her Flame of Love poured out on the souls of weak and the weary, the lowly and the humble! 


Our Lady Speaks:  
“You Apostles of Light will be become both fortress and guide as both refuge and light, in the darkness of a cold world!    
Breathe light and love in the hearts of all as a soldier of the Holy Spirit!  
Seek always to be a worthy dwelling place for the Holy Spirit, so that the full power and merit of grace flows through you as an instrument of God’s Divine Will!
You are my torch bearers of the Flame of Love and of God’s luminous light, which pierces the darkness and heals the hearts of the wounded and free’s those held in bondage!  
I pour my love and grace upon you now so that you may unveil and expose the the evil, and cast it out into the depths!  
In the Name of Jesus, save souls!” 




Know Love surrender and trust  
All is grace  
God is Omnipotent  
Pray, Love, and be Grace and healing for others!  
Let the Omnipotence and Might of the God who created us flow through us so that all God’s grace will be revealed and embraced!
All is grace!

St Joseph the Worker Chaplains
Be the Worker Bee’s that gather the honey to the honey comb
Did you know that honey can be preserved for a thousand years?
We will soon enter the thousand years of peace and the sweetness of the dew of God will be harvested as honey to the honey comb

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