A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

The Power of Grace Unleashed!  

Our Lord Speaks:  
Why are you living half a life?  
What is in the short span of this life to prepare you for the afterlife which is timeless and eternal?  
Weak and lowly servant who has been elevated by grace,  
Why do you not crave my love and grace and disconnect from the grasp of the things of this world?  
Know the power of my grace!  
Know it’s power in you united "with" me!  
Know it’s power United “in” me!  
Know it’s power in Mary, “Full of Grace”!  
Understand what the meek and lowly become when you are detached from the world and united spiritually with me!  
Empty yourself, child, of the ball and chain of the “things of this world” and lift your hearts to the heavens!  
Let your spirits ride the tide of grace!  
Know and feel the purity and light of Divine Love,  
The Power and the beauty of my grace!  
Pray humbly the rosary of my Mother and seek the grace for your families that it promised by those who are diligent in it’s use!  
The enemy despises avid use of this meek and humble prayer and it’s power when you intercede with My Mother as you recite it!  
Blessings and Grace are poured out to those who recite it!  
A promise is a promise and there are many given to those who embrace and actively engage in it’s regular use!  
The rosary is the chain of St Michael that will bind Satan as I revealed to John in Revelation!  
Can you begin to fathom now the power of grace?  
The power of grace that unites us?  
“Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee!"

The meek and humble and obedient, which is My Mother, is united with you and with me.  
“Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb!”  
Both blessings and grace are given in reciprocity to those who pray these words repeatedly of both blessings and grace!  
Can you start to fathom now, the sheer power, that even the most innocent of children wield in their hands when they repeated recite these words of both blessings and grace?  
How they reflect on the times of my earthly human existence when I revealed and demonstrated my love and grace?  
Embrace the humility and power of it’s meekness! 

 Understand My Father’s words to My St Paul! “My grace is sufficient for you! 

 My Power is Perfected in weakness!”  
The meek, the humble, the lowly and the innocent who pray and recite these words of grace and blessings should know that My Mother, who is the great Intercessor, will intercede with these prayers and the humble requests in your heart are taken up and presented before me and the Father!  



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