A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Blind Obedience

Life often leaves us some loss or suffering , a circumstance or life event that is hard to understand or swallow.  
It is important in times like these to know that we are to meekly cooperate with God’s plan.  
St Therese of Lisieux stated “all is grace” and to humbly accept that God’s perfect plan will eventually be revealed to our nimble minds.  
This is blind obedience!  
This is the virtue of patience.  
This is docility and meekness and trust.  
This is perhaps redemptive suffering.  
This is perhaps the road to perfect charity.  
This is complete trust in God’s perfect plan and the time to blindly cling to the truth that “all is grace” and that all will be revealed in God’s time.  
We embrace with blind obedience to either “give thanks for the graces” and “offer it up in the sacrifices.”  
Simple but not always easy acknowledgment of truth that defines us as children of God.  
Meek and humble.  
Docility is always remaining in the center of God’s will, his perfect plan!  
All is grace!  
All will be revealed!  
Redemptive suffering.  
Blind Obedience.  



Loss of a loved one tests the very fiber of our being. 

Every fabric of our soul. 

Faith becomes conviction and trust which is the foundation of Love of God. 

It becomes the surrender of the vices of control and pride to the virtue of humility and acknowledgment of God’s will over our own! 

It will either be the torment of bitterness or the spiritual wings of faith! 

 Both represent Suffering!

The cup is emptied!

How long it remains empty and what you refill it with is up to you and your level of faith and trust!  






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