A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Awaken to the Coming King!  


Our Lord Speaks: 

"Look around you!   

Where is the honor? 

Where is the reverence? 

When there is neither honor nor reverence there can be no love! 

Reignite and reawaken love! 

Darkened minds and cold hearts cannot have the spirit of life! 

Speak now to the hearts of those seeking God’s grace with the spirit of light and love that dwells within you! 

Be the wellspring of life to purify souls with truth and love! 

Awaken the world from this slumber and this darkness with the light of truth! 

Be purity, innocence, light, and love! 

This is the Spirit of Christmas!  

Charity, humility and docility! 

This is the Spirit of Christmas! 

I came into the world to save the world!    

Now I come to claim the world! 

All authority has been given me by the Father.

This is my declaration of authority,,

On earth as it is in heaven!"  

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