A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Innocence Lost​  


​The world will soon know the abundance of God‘s justice. 

 For some his  abundance will be his wrath! 

 God gives us what he need we need most!  
The pain of suffering will be the provision of justice of the wicked and the oppressor.  
Those self-sacrificing souls will be the sin eaters for their loved ones and for those that are in need.  
This is perfect charity,, love that is deep and divine.  
The hand of God’s justice will now be felt by all!  
Pray and fast fervently that his justice is mercy.  
This destruction of innocence will no longer be tolerated.  
Woe to you who are complicit with this grave sin!  
From spectrum to spectrum,  
The abundance of his justice will be felt!  
Pray fervently his justice is his mercy and not his wrath.  
Woe to you who steal and crush and destroy the innocent ones!  
The backhand of God’s justice will befall you who rob children of the spirit of life and grace!  



Proverbs 8:7-15 (DR) 

"My mouth shall meditate truth, and my lips shall hate wickedness. 

 All my words are just, there is nothing wicked, nor perverse in them. 

 They are right to them that understand, and just to them that find knowledge. 

 Receive my instruction, and not money: choose knowledge rather than gold. 

 For wisdom is better than all the most precious things: and whatsoever may be desired cannot be compared to it. 

 I, wisdom, dwell in counsel, and am present in learned thoughts. 

 The fear of the Lord hateth evil; 

 I hate arrogance, and pride, and every wicked way, and a mouth with a double tongue. 

Counsel and equity is mine, prudence is mine, strength is mine. 

 By me kings reign, and lawgivers decree just things."   



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