A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Look to the Lord Above Us,

Not the Hell Around Us.  


We cannot see, nor fully receive and develop the supernatural graces God gives us, nor perceive the love our Lord endears to us, when we are consumed by the Noise and the shock and awe of the times! 

We cannot develop, mature and manifest the Spiritual gifts, virtues, and fruits of the Holy Spirit, when we are gawking at the devils work! 

Keep your focus to the Lord above us and not the hell around us! 

This is the only solution! 

Our Lord desires peace “on earth as it is in heaven” while Satan is raising hell.

Your thoughts, words, and deeds will support one or the other! 

Peace on earth starts with peace in your heart!

Prayer, then, must be the central focus! 

Satan will exploit your weaknesses, and he will wait till you are at your weakest point to exploit them. 

 In this regard he is ruthless.

He will never hesitate to kick you when you are down, nor throw one of his own under the bus, if it advances his cause.

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