A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus



O Virgin immaculate and our Queen!  


Untainted by the breath of the serpent.


Vessel and temple of purity, modesty and grace. 


Holy and Immaculate fountain of love and humility, purveyor of obedience and truth. 


Lilium Immulatum (the Immaculate Lily) 


Ovem Immaculatum (the Immaculate Lamb) 


Ave orbis terrarum Conciliatrix (Hail Conciliatrix of the World)   


Immaculate, undefiled, incorrupt, pure and holy! 


"Ave Dei hominumque Sequestra constitua"  

(Hail! Thou art appointed Mediatrix between God and man )


Virgin without Blemish, perfect in origin, temple of grace, sinless and unstained!

de Laudibus Virginis who brought forth the lamb Christ and brings forth The Sovereign King and Savior!


Nova Eva, Mater vitae (the New Eve, the Mother of Life)


“Sanctissiman super omnes angelico’s spiritus.” “Most Holy above all angelic spirits.” St Mark the Evangelist“


Sanctissima, gloriossima, IMMACULATA, Deipara et, semper virgins” “Most Holy, most glorious, Immaculate, Mother of God and ever Virgin.” St James


Sanctissima, IMMACULATA, et benedicta, Deipara et semper virgine Maria” “Most Holy, Immaculate, and Blessed Mother of God, and ever Virgin Mary.” The Liturgy of St Mark the Evangelist.


“ex omni parte inculpata” “ In every part— wholly, altogether—untainted.” The Liturgy of St John Chrysostom


“Praecipue cum sanctissima, illibata, super omnes benedicta, gloriosa Domina nostra Deipara et semper Virgine Maria.”

“Chiefly with the most holy, spotless, above all blessed, our glorious Lady, Mother of God and ever Virgin Mary.”   Liturgy of St Basil

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