A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Be True to Who You Are


So who am I?  Really! What makes up the DNA framework of what made me who I am today? What influences impacted what makes me who I am and who I have become?  Maybe a fair question should be, based on what I have been given, “who do I want to be?”  I always say let’s take a look back to see where we have been before we look at where we are and where we want to be!


What is your fondest memory of your parents and grandparents that had a big influence on you?


What was your best and worst achievement in school?


What teacher, friend, or significant other had influence on you and what is the thing you value most from those relationships?  How have those values influenced your philosophy on spirituality, marriage, raising your children, and things you want to share with your children and theirs?  How does God fit into these equations?


Now, are you starting to recognize what you aren’t?


Now lets look forward!  Start by asking this:  How do I want to be remembered? (Don’t forget, no one gets out of here alive).


Now keep walking the path or find new direction with this essential knowledge and a childlike openness to reality.



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