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A Clean Slate


A Clean Slate! What Will You Write On Your Page Today? A Curse? A Blessing?

A clean slate.


As the new year approaches and we put 2016 behind us, we start to look ahead at a new beginning, getting mentally and physically prepared to wipe the slate clean, start over toward developing among other things, a better version of ourselves.  This is a time of reflection and then goal setting and for building momentum to make some fundamental changes.


Reflection – However you determine to reflect back on this past year, the one thing we can likely all agree on is it was strange!  We experienced things we never did before and most would likely not wish to experience again. Hate was another term that comes to mind. We witnessed more hate-filled comments and actions that I can ever recall.


Let’s change it and Start over with A Clean Slate!


Goal setting for a clean slate – How do we turn the tide on these experiences and make it something better?  Let’s Flip this hate and fear into love and peace.


3 Things to Start

Meditation and Prayer! – We need to remove fear and find that inner peace!  Developing a daily process of meditation and prayer can help us find that inner peace, bond with it and talk to God! He listens!

Smile – Make a habit to smile.  It’s contagious and you will feel better!


Fight the urge to judge – There is only one who has the right to judge and fortunately for all of us, He is the greatest forgiver of all.  So fight the urge to judge!


Building Momentum – Success comes in bunches and we need to create a foundation of good habits.  21 days of repetition creates a habit.  Consciously do the above things for 21 days and see how you feel and watch what happens to your relationships and your outlook on the world! Don’t wait for the New Year to start the process!  Why not start the new year with the good habits already formed!


The Season of Advent is about to begin, so a Great Time to Prepare for a New Beginning!

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