A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus



Oops. So Sorry! Forgive my Ignorance.


I have been blessed in having my good  friend Alan Kim carry the load in developing, maintaining and posting my blog articles for this site.  (He is even posting the pictures and the captions for each blog post) and wish to first of all publicly thank him for his time and talent in this endeavor!


In  a little over a year now, we exceeded the 100 post milestone for which I am humbled and grateful.



I wish to apologize publicly to you all for not heeding Alan’s advice in responding to feedback from readers on various posts!


You see I informed Alan at the onset not to inform me of the number of blog subscribers we had! My thought was I would either get a swelled head or get discouraged depending on participation, neither of which were desirable to me! My goal is to always stay humble and focused at the task at hand, which to me was posting these articles!


I am also very illiterate on blog sites and technology with no desire to try to learn them! When Alan informed me that readers were responding to blogs and that they should be replied to, out of ignorance and out of time constraints I said I would likely not be responding. (Candidly, it felt like Facebook and because of the same time constraints I am not a Facebook subscriber)


Reality check is I am grateful for your readership to this blog, and know now I need to be more proactive and communicative in responding to your feedback!


Please accept my deepest apologies for not having responded to prior post comments and feedback!


I ask also to please be patient with me as I learn this and also know that T may take a day or two before I carve out time to respond!


Blessings to you all for your patience and participation!


May God’s grace embrace you


May the Holy Spirit fill you


And may the Peace of Christ complete you!


PS- still have no idea how many subscribers we have but ask that you please share this with a friend or family member and sign up so you can receive new blog posts as they get posted!



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