A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus




True. Straight. Plumb. Flush. Square. Level. Center. God.

I hear often the terminology of Work/ Life Balance, and the need to maintain a Healthy dose of each!


In the world of martial arts, Balance is talked about in a variety of contexts! The critical importance of staying “rooted” in your stance, so you maintain balance, and are not easily knocked over! You are not “compromised” or overpowered because you have your weight shifted too much to one side and taken down with ease by leverage of your own weight!


Also in the world of martial arts, Balance between mind, body and spirit is emphasized, so that you are in unity and harmony with your “chi”! ( Chi refers to Your “core” or in my humble opinion, your soul)


Keeping balance in mind body and spirit in the world of martial arts is an essential focus, a central unified balance, in which the ultimate summit of “Enlightenment” is achieved when we “let go” and let the spirit, in harmony with our mind and body unify us with our souls!


Every building structure is built on a solid foundation that is “level” or “plumb” which is used to measure and ensure the integrity of the building and its long term longevity and usage!


It is said that Water always seeks its own level! We should let the “Peace of Christ” through prayer and Humility allow us to “flow like water” in constant balance and harmony with the universe!


When love of God is firmly Centered in our lives, all other decisions become relevant and simple to maintaining that “balance”!


May the Lord go before you


to show you the right path.


May the Lord beside you


to embrace and protect you.


May the Lord be behind you


to guard you from the treachery of evil men.


May the Lord be below you to catch you when you fall and free you from the net.


May the Lord be in you


to console you when you are sad.


May the Lord be around you


to defend you when others attack you.


May the Lord be above you to bless you. 


May the good Lord bless you.





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