A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Harnessing the Flow or Bucking the Current


Harnessing the flow.

Anyone who has had to swim against a current knows it can be a daunting task.


So it seems with life we often find ourselves swimming against the current.


We tend to tire easily, get swept away, and in the constant, onrushing waters, we can even drown!


If we can somehow find a way to harness that flow and preserve our energy to “get back some of the ground you have given up.”


It requires us to let go, which can be scary, but it allows us to focus on the shore, channel ourselves to “grab on” to something and to get onshore and regain ourselves before we “dive back in” to get to our destination.


Prayer and meditation are the only way to keep some ground underneath you or the branch or the rock you need to latch onto when you are taking on a strong current or swimming with the Sharks!


The alternative is to get swept away or eaten alive before you can make it to your final port of call!


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